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3 Must Have Eventide Timefactor Presets

Eventide Timefactor Delay Pedal
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Hey guys, I wanted to start this series of articles not only to inform you, but also to equip you with some tools you can use. In this 1st article I want to start off with 3 helpful Timefactor presets that I know will come in handy. Some people are not in to tweaking and that is ok so I took care of the heavy lifting for you and you can focus on the playing.

I’ve recorded some audio demos of these presets in action with the following gear:

  • Fender American Standard Telecaster with Porter Custom Tele Pickups
  • EHX Soulfood JHS Modded with the Walrus Audio Voyager stacked.
  • Eventide Timefactor
  • Eventide Space
  • A vintage Silverstone Twin Twelve from 1961

Below each sound demo is the download link for each preset. To use these presets you will need an Eventide Timefactor with the latest firmware or an Eventide H9. You can upload these files to your pedal from you PC/Mac via a USB cable. If you have an H9 then you can also upload the presets with your iOS app via Bluetooth.

Tape Delay: Tape Pad Delay

Tape Echos are awesome! There is just something special about how they sound. I feel that they really shine when the repeats are at the edge of oscillation. This preset is designed to help you create a smooth, almost pad like, oscillation under your guitar parts. The repeats are dark and are the perfect foundation for thoughtful playing. Add a little reverb, and it’s like heaven on earth. You’ll be rocking some ambient guitar tones that will even have your keyboard players jelly. For the audio sample I engage the Space mid way on a hall setting so you can get an idea of what is sounds like.


Vintage Delay: Vintage Dot 8th

This delay is the reason that I own this unit. It’s specialty is emulating vintage delays. It is not very good at reproducing analog delays like most will tell you but the truth is that most of the vintage units we love are actually lower digital spec than the digital stuff we use today. For this preset I emulated one of my favorite units, the Korg SDD-3000. This is what is sounds like without the front end preamp and I assure you its close. Set to a dotted 8th note, this will give you all the U2 Edge tones you can dream up and more. If you “Still haven’t found what you’re looking for” don’t worry, it just found you!


Digital Delay: Digital 4+.8

Clean repeats is what this delay was intended to give you. Because the Timefactor is a “Dual Delay”, you actually can call up 2 different delays at a time. I’ve put together a clean digital setting that has the quarter note delay on the A side and a dotted eighth note on the B side. If you run mono you can use an expression pedal between the A and B sides. This method is very useful if you have to switch delays and want a more seamless transition.  If you run stereo, A will go out to the left side and the B will go to the right for some delicious stereo goodness.


Please post your comments, I’d love to hear what you think about these presets. Godspeed!



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