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3 Must Have Eventide ModFactor Presets for Worship

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eventidemodfactorModulation has seem to passed us by in terms of “use” in our houses of worship, but recently a lot of the 80’s vibe and glorious modulated tones have been coming back. I’d like to share with you 3 presets for your Eventide ModFactor that will cover the basic stuff you need. These presets will color your tone but not make things too crazy for a church/worship setting. These will also work with the H9 stomp box if you have the proper algorithm installed. For the Modfactor, you’ll need the most recent version of firmware and a USB cable. H9 users can install via bluetooth from an iPhone/iPad or your computer with a USB cable. Lets move on to the good stuff.

For the audio demos, I’ll be using a TMG Guitar Co. Dover that really nails the old school fender tones into a Silvertone Twin Twelve from 1961. Its being mic’ed with a Senhiesser MD421 and a NOS Panther Ribbon mic. Here are the presets:

80s Chorus

Chorus was made to simulate the effect doubling the guitar would do. I think, when done via an effect it can have an interesting color and with “Strat” style guitars, it sounds like the best clean guitar tones you’ll get from an 80’s recording. This preset is based on that with a soft vibrato you would get from typical chorus pedals. This goes especially well with open chords, arpeggios, and big distorted “rakes”. When connected stereo, this thing can sound huge! (the demo is mono)

Download the 80’s Chorus Preset

Light Trem

Tremolo is beautiful, made popular by our surfer era buddy’s in the 70’s. Tremolo is still a great effect and used often by a lot of players today. This preset is based on the sound that an amp tremolo would create (bias tremolo). Its set to an undefined value but you can change to reflect any bp based subdivision you’ll need. When this preset is used in Stereo, the tremolo will ping pong between amps.

Download the Light Tremolo Preset

Rotary Amp

Rotary amps have been long used by organ players. The speaker of the amp would rotated making a tremolo kind of tone that would speed up or slow down. This was a very cool effect for organs till in the 80’s guitar players would hook up to them and have that same kind of fun. This preset will give you a lightly distorted rotary amp tone that when used with an organ simulating pedal like the Electro-Harmonix POG or The B3 will sound just like that. Its also very cool for guitar riffs that have that retro thing going on and the slow down option is very awesome.

Download the Rotary Speaker Preset

Please share with us your comments, ask questions and also make requests. We love your feedback and want to provide you with more tools. Godspeed!

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