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Phil Haydn

My name is Phil Haydn and I would love to share with you a little about myself. First my family: My wife Hannah and I have two sons, Micah and Joah. I care deeply about them and they support me in my crazy adventures. One of those adventures is being the Director of Worship at Living Water Church for over five years. During those five years God has done amazing things at Living Water and in my own life. As a result, we are enjoying great relationships in our church and have a flourishing worship ministry.

I am an advocate for team and empowering people. I am also all about environments, I believe the environments we create are essential to helping people encounter God’s presence. I have been playing guitar since I was in high school over those many years I have become some what of a tone junkie and guitar snob. Not one of my best strengths I am in recovery, and want to help as many people discover their own tone and style.

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