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Best of NAMM ’18 – LR Baggs Align Series Pedals

LR Baggs Align Series Pedals
January 2021 Header Leaderboard Banner (HLB)

Branching off their award winning Session & Venue DI’s, LR Baggs has launched 4 new pedals with the idea of taking those great tonal shaping features of their DI’s and breaking them out into individual pedals that allow the guitarist to pick and choose which features they need and want. These pedals include a Active DI, Reverb, Active EQ & Session. The Active DI and EQ were fantastic but the two that stood out to us were the Session & the Reverb.

Using a Martin OM-28 into the pedals then out to headphones, we were able to dial in great reverb tones that fit very well with the acoustic instrument. No matter how we set the settings each reverb tone was lush while allowing all of the acoustic’s tonality to breath through the mix, which was a breath of fresh air compared to other reverb pedals that can get a little too saturated and wet in the mix.

The Session pedal, absolutely stole our hearts the instant we flipped it on. LR Bagg’s inspiration for this pedal came from listening to studio recordings and realizing that after mixing and mastering the acoustic tone just comes to life. Working with producers and session players, LR Baggs took what they learned in the studio and created a pedal that brings these tonal improvements to the stage. The Session when turned on ads life to the guitar by adding sustain, gentle EQ and multi-band compressor that, instead of squashing all of the frequencies and deadening the overall tone, it squashes 3 problem frequencies just slightly allowing all the delicious acoustic tones to breath through.


  • Active DI – $159
  • Session – $179
  • Active EQ – $179
  • Reverb – $179

Learn More: LR Baggs Website


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