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Gear Supply Co Seat Belt Guitar Strap Review

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If you’re like me  you’ve probably noticed Gear Supply Co strings, picks, patch cables, and straps showing up lots in gear photos lately on Instagram, Facebook, forums, etc. It’s a company that seems to have found a really neat corner of the gear market, providing accessories and strings for today’s modern guitarist as well as a convenient subscription program for strings. So when I needed a new strap for my guitar, I decided to give them a try. Gear Supply Co currently offers 3 different styles of straps, all featuring high quality leather and antiqued brass hardware. I got their Seat Belt guitar strap in black to go on my white telecaster.

Right out of the box I could tell that the strap was well made. The first thing I noticed was the amazing smell of the high quality leather used for both ends of the strap and their logo. The brown leather felt strong yet was soft and broken in. I use strap locks on my guitar so right away I installed those on the strap. I’m glad the leather was broken in as I had to sorta stretch it over the strap locks as the hole was a little small (Not really a big deal but this would be the only downside, though I imagine the smaller holes would be perfect for those who don’t use strap locks). The logo is super classy, stamped into a nice square of the leather and stitched onto the strap. The leather ends are fixed on the strap with brass rivets and hardware. The strap itself is a smooth seatbelt material made from a premium nylon blend. Its extremely light and thin, but feels as strong as anything you’d ever want from a strap. It is fixed around the brass hardware with some seriously robust stitching. I have no doubt this strap will last a long time.

A couple of other things I noticed about the strap. First, it actually has surprised me how comfortable the seat belt material is (I honestly didn’t have high hopes). Second, the fact that this strap is super light and thin makes it really easy to pack away into small places in a guitar case. Some other straps I’ve owned are actually pretty bulky when folded up, but this one folds up nice and tight.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the quality and feel of this strap. I would definitely consider ordering other gear from Gear Supply Co based on my experience with this strap.

Check out this strap and other great guitar gear essentials at Gear Supply Co.’s website.

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