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Jeffrey Kunde’s Live Pedalboard & Rig Setup

Jefferey Kunde Pedalboard
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The source of the content in this article is Jeffrey Kunde’s personal blog. Head over and check out his blog for more detailed information about his setup. He also has a lot of other great articles for worship guitarists as well! Without further ado here is a video of his rig setup as well as some info on the gear he is using. This is current to 6/11/14.

Pedalboard & Cabling

  • Lay out tray made by JJS Cases
  • Road case made by Brady Cases
  • Cabling made by Goodwood Audio

Jefferey Kunde Pedalboard

Signal Chain

  • Xotic Effects – RC Booster
  • Walrus Audio – Deep Six Compressor
  • Emerson Custom – Paramount Overdrive
  • JHS Pedals – SuperBolt Overdrive
  • Keeley Efffects – Modded ProCo Rat Distortion
  • Walrus Audio – Jupiter Fuzz
  • Electro Harmonix – Micro POG
  • Ernie Ball – VP Jr. Volume Pedal
  • Cusack Music – Tap-A-Whirl Tremolo/Vibrato
  • TC Electronic – Mini PolyTune Tuner
  • Malekko – Ekko 616
  • Strymon Timeline
  • Strmon Bigsky Reverb


Jefferey Kunde Disaster Area Designs

  • Disaster Area Controllers

Here is a excerpt from Jeffrey’s blog: When GoodWood was building my board, they recommended that i get involved with the Disaster Area to get my board operating easily and fluently.  What we ended up using was the DMC-6D and the DPC-8EZ to control the entire pedal board.  This ended up requiring Disaster Area to build me my own personal firmware for each pedal, so that each pedal is customized to work exactly how I want them to.  The DPC-8EZ operates the right half of the board, acting as a normal true bypass looper pedal (swithing effects on and off, and bypassing them when not in use).  The DMC-6D operates the Timeline and the BigSky together, with global bank up and down buttons, and pre set switches for each of the Strymon pedals.  (Check out the video demo below of the set up).

The cool part of these pedals is how they work together.  First let me say that i treat each bank of the timeline and bigsky like a song, and each pre set in each bank as a different setting for that song.  Lets say the song is “Fire Fall Down”.  I would store the tempo and delay setting for that song on bank 01 of the Timeline, on pre sets A and B ( 2 delay pre sets per song) and the reverb setting for “Fire Fall Down” would be on back 01 of the BigSky (pre sets A and B, 2 reverb settings per song).  Any time I que up a “bank” on the DMC-6D, it also pulls up pre set 1 on that same bank over on the DPC-8EZ, giving me 4 programmable dry effect settings for that particular song.  This makes playing live much more fluent for me.  I just pull up a bank on the DMC, and boom, all my delay, reverb and dry effect settings pop on and I’m ready to play without having to push down any other pedals.  Like i said, this is better shown on video than explained in words, so check out the video demo below.

Power Supply

  • The Gig Rig Power Supply System


  • 2003(ish) Gretsch Duo Jet
  • 2012 Gretsch White Falcon G6136T-LTV w/ TV Jones Pickups
  • 2005 Fender American Standard Telecaster
  • 1991 Gibson SG Celebrity
  • Veritas Mini-Master
  • Nystrum Guitars Jag
  • 1965 Epiphone Coronet
  • 2012 Gretsch G5422-12 12 String
  • Collings OO 12-Fret Mahogany Acoustic Guitar


  • Jackson Ampworks Britain 3.0
  • BadCat Luca – Jefferey Kunde Signature Amp
  • 1993 Vox AC30/6TB


  • D’Addario XL Nickel Round Wound .10’s or .11’s
  • D’Addario Medium Gauge Phosphor Bronze wound Acoustic Strings


  • Dunlop .96 Picks

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