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Lava Cable Tephra Speaker Cable Review

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lava-tephra-compRecently I switched over to running a head and 1×12 speaker cabinet instead of a combo. It is much easier to carry and having the head separate from the speaker preserves tube life considerably. That being said I purchased a Morgan RCA35 head and 1×12 speaker cabinet. I had an older standard speaker cable from my touring days and planned on just using it.

After using the amp for a bit with that speaker cable nothing seemed off. Fast forward a few months to when we started exploring Lava Cables and reading about the difference in quality their cables are. I purchased a set of tight rope cable and 30 right angle solderless plugs to swap out my George L’s on my board. While exploring their site I found their speaker cables and the bright orange Tephra series caught my eye. for one the cable looked as thick as the most sturdy industrial extension cord I had ever seen and the G&H jacks looked way larger than stock cables. I pulled the plug and purchased a 5 footer so I could run my head outside of an iso cab.

When it arrived I took it out plugged it in and wow. There was a definite audible difference. My amp had more character and was less muddy sounding. I don’t have a ton to say about it other than that it is well worth the investment. The build quality is next to none and the team at Lava Cable was an absolute blast to work with. They are knowledgeable and have set the industry standard in my opinion with this speaker cable. I was told once that you cannot skimp on cables and expect to have good tone. Why spend thousands of dollars on amps and send the signal through a $10 cable?



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