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Little Walter 8 Watt Tube Amps Review

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We were recently introduced to a new amplifier company named Little Walter tube amplifiers. Built and designed by Phil Bradbury in North Carolina, these amps are 100% hand-wired and are the perfect option for worship guitarists.

First off we have to talk about the company. Eric Self and Phil have been wonderful to chat with. They have a heart for the Lord and are more than willing to chat and work with worship guitarists to create and sculpt that perfect tone.

The amp sounds very reminiscent of both Vox and Fender styles but a little more organic crisp texture and flavor. For an 8 watt amp, it stays very clean and takes pedals very well.  We loved every single coil equipped guitar we have heard through it. The amp also retained it’s clean pedal platform with the Les Paul and with the organic crispy feel it would only accentuate Filtertron pickups.

The amp has a very organic crispy feel on the edge of breakup that is somewhat similar to a lower wattage Matchless. Overall we were very impressed with the amp. The tone and build quality is that of an amp costing twice as much. The lacquered tweed is gorgeous and the wood joints are built with an attention to detail that you just can’t find  in this price range.

The only thing that we do not like about the amp is the large chrome logo badge. This is just a personal opinion and really, when it’s in an iso cab who cares? We highly recommend this amp to worship leaders and guitarists who are looking for an affordable hand-wired tube amp. Check out the videos below to hear it in action!

November 2021 Header Leaderboard Ad (HLB)
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