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McNelly Pickups Announces the New T-Bar Telecaster Pickup Set

McNelly T-Bar Telecaster Pickups
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Peterborough, Canada
February 10, 2015

Already a purveyor of premium handmade pickups McNelly adds the new T-Bar Telecaster Pickup set to their already diverse lineup of guitar and bass pickups. Not really into the Vintage Tele sound? Well these might just be the solution for you. The T-Bar pickups are designed for non tele purist. They Combined the design of P90’s with traditional Tele pickups and the result is a pickup that opens up a new range of tonal options not typically found in a Tele. These hybrid pickups have more output, more body, and a more aggressive tone.

Both neck and bridge pickups also feature recessed and adjustable poles so you have the ability to fine tune the string balance and lend a distinct look of refinement.


  • Direct replacement size for single coil Tele pickups
  • P90 tone that pushes your amp
  • Improved output balance when switching between T-Bar equipped and humbucker guitars
  • Recessed, adjustable poles allow fine tuning and add a classy look
  • Available with 4-way switch compatibility
  • Pole pieces are available in nickel, gold, or black

Street price is $225 USD per set.

For more information:
McNelly Pickups

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