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What We All Can Learn From Michael Jordan

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So many times have a I seen it. A person has great potential as a guitarist but they refuse the put in the hard work and harness that tension between being “mediocre” and being “world class”. Often times we guitarists/artists lack determination. There are a wide variety of reasons ranging from; “God will give me what I need to conquer the mountain” to “I just do not have the time. There are more important things going on right now.”

While these reasons may very well be legit and family responsibilities and work responsibilities often hinder us from growing as a guitarist but often times I think it is media and distractions that hinder us from achieving our goals as guitarists. So I must ask the question.

Did Michael Jordan not get cut from his High School Varsity Basketball team? Was his entire career not defined by his will to win and sheer determination?

The answer is no. Michael Jordan did not get to where he ultimately wanted to go by sitting at home on a gaming system or watching TV hoping God would give him all of the skills that he needed to get the job done. It is documented that he spent thousands of hours practicing and honing his skills. He never gave up even when he was cut from his team. Even when he reached the NBA there were many times his pure determination and will to win lead him further.

In my experience, God gives us the raw tools and a foundation for what he wants us to do through us. He then gives us free rain to develop a skill set that will bring glory to him. Playing an instrument takes practice. It takes determination. Often times it even means ignoring someone who has said you are not good enough or will not be good enough.

I encourage you, as you transition into 2015, to turn the TV off a little bit more and grab that guitar a few more times a week to practice. I guarantee you will begin to see the results you are looking for.

July 2022 Header Leaderboard Ad (HLB)
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