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Where Have We Been?

Worship Guitar Magazine 2022 Update | WorshipGtr
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I am sure many people have asked it. Where did go? The answer is pretty simple but has a number of complexities as well. So I will begin to un-pack a bit of my life story over the past 2 years and where God has brought me and where I believe he is leading me and the future of this magazine.

The short of it is, I burned out. I burned out 2 years ago, but didn’t really realize what happened until a month or so ago. When I started I never imagined it would reach the audience that it has, or that it would grow to what it has become. When I started it, my main mission was to serve the church and worship guitarist through information, reviews, advice and content. Over the course of the site’s nearly 8 year run, I started pushing the site and vision into something that was way too overcomplicated. Have you ever done that? Have you ever taken something you were clearly called and lead to do, and overcomplicated it? Well I did that with

I took something that was supposed to be a service to the worship guitarist and began to try to push it to be something else. What started as a simple blog and guitarists magazine online, turned into wanting to do YouTube videos, Facebook groups, Chord Chart resources and I even started dreaming of doing a print magazine. All of these things are not bad things, and I believe God can take and use it all. The problem is that I was pushing to hard. I was trying to turn something into something else before it was time, before it was ordained.

As a father of two, a husband, a full-time digital marketing professional, and a volunteer at my local church, my time is booked pretty solid. As I added all of these ideas and dreams into the mix, I lost the core of what I was trying to do. I was burning both ends of the candle and ended up starting a bunch of things that never really came to fruition because I couldn’t do it all. The result was a massive burnout.

I can’t pin point the exact date and time I burned out, but it was somewhere around 2 years ago. Before COVID-19 before the 2020 election. I lost all passion for playing guitar, WorshipGtr, networking and talking to other guitarists, helping them in their gear decisions and how to lead better in their churches. I just stopped caring. Looking back on it, I thought a number of times that it must be because I am doing too much. Maybe position changes at work were the culprit. Maybe it was leadership changes at church and increased responsibility in my volunteer positions. It could have even been the addition of my daughter in 2019 that put me over the edge.

While all of these things were contributing factors, what really happened, was that I lost vision and purpose with WorshipGtr. All of those dreams I had for the magazine ended up derailing me from the core of what it was supposed to be. Overthinking burned me out. Pushing to hard burned me out. Projecting onto God what “I” wanted something to be, rather than what he was guiding it to be.

That is the past two years in a nut shell. So where does that leave WorshipGtr in 2022 and the future. Well to be honest, I wrote some of our advertisers in 2021 and conveyed that we would not be continuing in 2022. God talked me into leaving the site active, because I have always believed it is a great resource. I just decided to shut down advertising and continued writing on the site.

But God had different plans. In my journey to healing and resting from my burnout, I have become much better at time management and prioritizing what is important. In the process of blocking out time for my schedule I realized that I do have time for WorshipGtr. I do have time to write. I do have time to contribute on social media. I don’t have time to make it into what I wanted it to be, but I have time to make it into what God wants it to be. I realized that, in my over-complicating this project, I psyched myself out and tricked myself into thinking I didn’t have time, when really I did.

After listening to hours of podcasts from Jon Acuff and Carey Nieuwhof, I started to feel whole again. I started feeling excited to move forward with the site again, but instead of pushing and pushing and pushing, instead of making it something God didn’t intend, I have a renewed passion for serving the worship guitarist, and letting this site become what God want’s it to become rather than selfishly trying to turn it into my dreams.

So as we move into the second month of 2022, be on the lookout for new content and a revitalized presence on Instagram and Facebook. My prayer for this magazine is that it serves as a resource for worship guitarists, while helping them grow into better worship leaders in their local church.

If you are feeling burned out, and don’t have passion for something that you are positive God has called you to, I encourage you to take a step back. It might be that you need some time away from that ministry or calling. It might mean that you are being led into a season of rest and recovery. But maybe for a few of you God is calling you to take a step back and realize that you were trying to turn his calling and leading into “your” calling. Maybe he is teaching you to go back to where the passion and calling began and re-evaluate whether you have made it more about you than about his calling on your life.

I highly recommend listening to Jon Acuff and Carey Nieuwhof. I linked them above and I am linking the podcast that helped turn my burnout around below.

Jon Acuff – ATG:37 – At your best: How to get time, energy, and priorities working in your favor with Carey Nieuwhof

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