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Worship Central – Set Apart Album Review

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Worship Central’s latest album Set Apart is a powerhouse of driving anthems that are sure to work within your local church. We have been playing “The Way” at our church since it was released a few months ago as the first single off of the album. “Stand Up” and “Can’t Stop Your Live” are great anthems calling us to action and causing us to reflect on the love of Christ.


This album contains all of the power and polished production we have come to expect from Worship Central. We love the fact that Worship Central maintain’s a “live” feeling throughout the album as well as producing a great sounding balanced album. The album is mixed and mastered incredible and allows the listener to hear all parts of each song. The album also highlights a lot of layering in the guitar parts which for us guitarists is a paradise of sound.


Overall the musicality of the album is great. This album at times sounds very quintessential Worship Central and at other times entirely different. “The Way” appears¬†to have roots in Hillsong Young and Free and other songs such as “Let Go” approach Planetshakers territory. The album covers alot of musical territory and just when the album starts to run together mid-way it kicks back in to finish out the last 1/3 of the album.


As mentioned in the production section above we felt that the album moved very well and there were very few times where we felt bored. The album comes out with a bang and is a roller coaster of tempo and intensity for the rest of the album.


Most of the album will be very playable for most churches and congregations. The guitar layering in most parts will require some careful planning and navigation. Some songs such as “The Way” could provide churches without synth or backing track capabilities some issues. Overall lyrically and musically it is a great album for the contemporary congregation.


We were in love with this album from it’s first single, “The Way”. For a 14 song album it captured our attention for nearly all of it and “Can’t Stop Your Love” has been on repeat for days. We love the maturity musically and lyrically as well as the simplicity and ease of application for most churches. The dynamics and ability to make us feel like we were at the live event also add to our overall love of this album. Well done Worship Central. Cannot wait to see how God is going to use this album in our local churches!

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