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Lollar Announces Release of ’70s J-Bass Pickup Set

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Lollar Announces Release of '70s J-Bass Pickup Set

Tacoma, WA (January 9, 2019) — Over the years, the Pacific Northwest pickup experts received many requests to make a ‘70s J-Bass pickup set. Recently, they purchased an all-original, one-owner, natural finish, ash body, 1975 Jazz Bass so they would have the real deal with which to compare their work. Instead of just copying the original pickups, they decided to make a pickup set that sounds like the original ’75 in a newer production, alder body bass.

The heavy 10.8 pound ash body of the original ’75 contributed significantly to the overall tone as did the location of the bridge pickup closer to the bridge saddles than in a newer production model. The result is a sound that is quite fat with extended overtones and additional low-mids; and a percussive bottom end that has extended decay.

After numerous trials, Lollar designed a pickup set that uses flat pole Alnico 5 magnets with coils wound to match the tonality and balance of the 1975 original. When paired with 1Meg volume pots and a 250K tone pot, that classic ‘70s J-Bass tone is now possible in a standard alder body bass guitar.

Lollar’s ’70s J-Bass pickups are $95.00 each and are available now.

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