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The Sledgehammer Custom 100 by Korg

January 2021 Header Leaderboard Banner (HLB)

So there’s a lot of hype recently about clip on tuners. I think the clip on tuners are growing in popularity because pedalboard real estate has become both precious and scarce these days. Most guys are adding pedals to large boards or moving to smaller, more simple boards with less space. One way to save space on your board is to use a clip on tuner. Korg has been in the clip on tuner game for quite a while and they have now released a product called the “Korg Custom 100”. We know that any product that has “custom” in the name is going to be epic. Boy does Korg deliver with the new Sledgehammer Custom 100 clip tuner.

The design is one of the best on the market, and the led light show is nothing short of spectacular. With a +/- 0.1 cent accuracy, this places the Sledgehammer in a good place to not just tune your guitar, but also give a great reading for doing setups and for making sure you are in perfect tune for your Sunday morning worship service. The Sledgehammer runs on one AAA battery which can last up to 100 hours of operation time, which is good considering that you don’t want to have a battery go dead in the middle of a worship set. Korg has also made this tuner in 4 colors including black, vivid red, bright blue and sophisticated white. Additionally you can set the tuner in 3 different modes including standard, strobe and half strobe modes to suit any need or playing style.

This is what Korg had to say on the new tuner…

The Sledgehammer Custom 100 firmly adheres to a variety of guitar and bass headstocks and its double mechanism of a movable arm and ball joint simultaneously provide both durability and free range of angle settings, providing players with the flexibility to position the tuner wherever they need. The clip’s firm grasp is designed to make the connection to the guitar as efficient as possible. – Korg USA

The Sledgehammer Custom 100 will be available in May of 2016 for $39.99. Looks, accuracy, and responsibility are what this tuner is about. You can read more about it via Korg’s product page here. You should also check out the cool video they made here.

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